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Shawn Fletcher was born in Orlando and raised in Saint Cloud. His family has resided in Osceola County since the 1980s. He attended Osceola County Public schools, including the PATHS program at TECO, before graduating from Kissimmee Christian Academy. His higher education includes time at DeVry University, Valencia Community College, and Rollins College, where he studied Public Administration and Environmental and Growth Management Studies. He has previously served on the City of Saint Cloud Planning Commission and was a former Osceola County Employee, serving in multiple departments throughout the Community Development and Growth Management divisions. 

Shawn's Story

"Saint Cloud Proud"

As I sit down to write this from a bench at the lakefront, so many great memories come to mind. We all have our own story of what it means to be “Saint Cloud Proud” and I feel as though my memories are not that different from many others who grew up here. We all have very similar experiences and can relate in so many ways. “Celebrating Small Town Life” is our motto, but it’s so much more and means so much to the residents who live and work here.

My Saint Cloud story starts many years ago in a small wood-frame home located just outside Saint Cloud Highschool, where I learned how to ride my bike in the old parking lot that is no longer there. We called it the "circle" and our grandmother would watch us from the porch on the weekends. We attended the Saint Cloud Church of the Nazarene off of Michigan Avenue, played basketball, and learned how to swim at the city facilities on 17th street. We watched many performances at the bandshell on the corner of 192 and New York Avenue and would go fishing at the lakefront pier. We would ride our bikes almost every day after school to Sip and Dip for ice cream cones but had to be home before the streetlights came on. Not even old enough to drive, my grandmother would let me sneak out at night so I could meet up with my older friends to go fishing at Three Lakes Wildlife Reserve Management Area and would let me back in late at night by tapping on her bedroom window, so my mother didn't find out. We accidentally started a small fire in the backyard and our mom took us to the Saint Cloud Fire Department and let the firemen explain to us that what we did could have been much worse.


When I got my license at 16 we built a cabin in suburban, where we would go and hang out with friends and neighbors from town. We enjoyed many home-cooked meals from Everetts in the Westgate shopping plaza, always enjoyed great food from Jimmy Chimento’s downtown, and let's not forget Steve Johnson's Catfish Place. I walked in the parade during my time in the boy scouts and went camping in the Everglades. We watched the boat races during the Spring Fling and watched the Battle at Narcoossee Mill every year. We rode our dirt bikes on vacant land off Old Melbourne Highway and all through the manor. We watched the Silver Spurs Rodeo in the old Silver Spurs arena and participated in the cattle drive. I was a cannery kid, under the direction of my third and fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Powell when it was located off of 10th street downtown. We took the hunter's safety course in the old city hall and opened my first bank account at the bank next door. These are the stories I remember growing up and what I consider the reflection of “Small Town Life”. 

Sitting here reminiscing on my journey as a Saint Cloud kid and looking across the lake, you can see the high rises of Lake Nona peeking through the top of trees on the other side. Our small town has changed. It’s been changing for years and seems as if it could potentially be slipping away. Many people will say growth is inevitable, which is true, but that doesn’t mean we can’t control the footprint. It doesn’t mean we have to let go of our past or let go of our values and vision of what small-town life is all about. 

As your next city councilman, I will make growth management my number one priority and will follow through on my commitment to ensuring the issues regarding overdevelopment will finally be addressed. I ask for your support this election season and with your help, we can finally stand up to fly-by-night developers who have no other interest in our community but building tract home after tract home.

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Vote Shawn Fletcher for Saint Cloud City Council Seat 5

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